Monday, November 18
Duration: One Day
RM 850/person, includes breaks and lunch
This one-day course on Dam Safety Review provides an overview of the process presented in the Canadian Dam Association’s Technical Bulletin: Dam Safety Reviews (CDA 2016). Participants will gain an understanding of the roles and expectations of the Dam Owner and the Review Engineer, as well as the context of the Dam Safety Review within a dam safety program or management system. The course is designed for dam owners, consultants and regulators who want to gain a better understanding of good practice as described in the CDA DSR Technical Bulletin.

The course outlines the steps that should be carried out by a Dam Owner in preparation for a Dam Safety Review, the activities undertaken by the Review Engineer during the process, and the need for follow-up by the Owner after the report has been delivered. The course is applicable to both mining dams and water-retention dams.

During the workshop, participants will use a fictional case study in group exercises to demonstrate:

a) The level of effort required to scope a Dam Safety Review
b) Type of information required to assess the safety of a dam
c) A framework for considering hazards and failure modes
d) The need for Dam Safety Review findings to support decision-making.

The course is led by Mr. Tony Bennett who is a Director of Dam and Public Safety for Ontario Power Generation(OPG). OPG is responsible for the Dam Safety Program covering dam safety, emergency management and public safety around dams, for a portfolio of 66 hydropower stations and 241 dams. Printed course material is provided for attendees to use during the workshop and keep for future reference, including tools and examples.

The detail brochure can be downloaded from this link